February 5, 2012

To recognize the truth, or to bloviate...

... that is the question. For Mittens and most modern, faux conservatives the answer is...

Seems rather disingenuous of Mittens to blow so hard on this topic. After all, in his uncaring efforts to enrich himself and his cronies at Bain Capital he is directly responsible for destroying huge chunks of the Great American Dream. 

Considering that in the late 90's predatory capitalist Willard dashed the hopes and dreams of thousands of Americans, perhaps candidate Romney should ask some of those Americans, former employees of Dade Behring, or of Ampad regarding their feelings about this great American exceptionalism Mittens now trumpets.

The only thing exceptional in those deals were the number of Americans put out of work and the profits Romney gained for ending those jobs... profits from which he benefits still today.

So yes, it does sound disingenuous of Mittens to whine and point fingers at a man who spent his early life trying to help people overcome poverty. With greed and callousness Mitt Romney greased the ladder he had never himself had to climb. 

Romney and vulture capitalism helped usher in this Post American Age, and Romney is a rich man because of it.