February 9, 2012

We trust them with guns

But the spooky part is that they don't want the public to be armed. With behavior like this, maybe I understand why.



One Fly said...

"Is anybody hurt?" Meaning only the badges because they care squat about the poor sonofabitch they just beat up.

Take these beater and killers off their no longer deserved pedestal.

Old NFO said...

Is this the guy that was in a partial diabetic coma?

Mule Breath said...

Yep, thats the one, but how can this much force be justified under any circumstance? They weren't thinking drug runner or bank robber, they thought he was drunk.

Did you hear the one cop shout "quit resisting"? How could the guy resist? He was semi-comatose. I've watched dozens of these videos and have heard those very works several times. The cop was mugging for the camera to justify the force. The cop that ran up and started kicking the guy's head kinda spoiled that scenario.

Henrietta said...

That 4 minutes of manly fun and games cost the taxpayers of the City of Henderson $257,000 and the State of Nevada approximately $35,000.

"... officer seen in the video kicking the diabetic motorist is Sgt. Brett Seekatz, who has been with the Henderson Police Department since August 2002"