February 20, 2012

News and opinion links for President's Day

We must wonder why rabid rightwingers have for the first time in history latched on to a Catholic issue

Got to also wonder how this one would play in the Golden Fleece category

Speaking of awards, soon to be former Sheriff Babeu might qualify for naming a new corollary to Haggard’s Law. Now I’m waiting on Santorum’s revelation.

Hearing the partisan rants is no surprise, even though election law requirements mean that much of the cost will be repaid

And Obama trailing religious wingnuts in Iowa is no surprise either

We could only wish that Google being in trouble over invasion of privacy issues were a surprise

Fond memories of Walter Cronkite and grainy monochrome TV images from half a century ago

Proof that what comes around, often also goes around

Perhaps there are stories better left untold