February 11, 2012

Ill-informed? Under informed? Clueless?

Islamofascists have for years schemed, planned and launched petty attacks against the non-Islamic world, all in an effort to insinuate their particular brand of religionist perversion into the lives of unwilling peoples. There have been pockets around the world where this found success… either by some sort of evangelistic effort or by force of arms.

Islam is Christianity’s little brother, each supposedly spawned from the loins of Abraham… in spite of the fact that Abraham died some two thousand years before the birth of Christ.

Johnny-come-latelys both…. but who was going to dispute them? Everyone who knew anything had been dead for centuries and the written evidence had been altered, edited, translated, redacted, hidden, found and edited again a hundred times.

Jesus didn’t really have a bunch to do with the religion that carries his name. The actual father of the sect is Paul, AKA “The Mythmaker,” which is why we call it Pauline Christianity (I think I dated that girl!)

Paul probably heard about this hapless do-gooder who had wandered around the desert some 600 years earlier, made up a bunch of impossible stuff and pulled off what has become a very successful con. Call it an early version of the L. Ron Hubbard scam.

Anyway, there was a bunch of people even back then not buying this routine (similar to why Mittens gets no respect,) with some splintering off or even creating their own new religions. Islam split from the Cult of Paul about 700 years after the death of Christ. According to the myth, it all started on the night (known by the faithful as laylat al-qadar) Muhammad was visited by a God’s messenger Jibril (the angel Gabriel) who revealed the Qur’an to him and told him he was to take the people back to a time prior to all of this Christ crap.

This competition for God’s good name didn’t sit any better with the Paulites of the day than it does with our modern christofascists, so the game was on. Toss in a whole bunch of Hebrews who didn’t buy into either of the more modern fantasies and we now have the recipe for perpetual global conflict.  

There were petty little battles and larger wars over the ages with the competitors vying for new territory as if playing some cosmic game of La Conquête du Monde. For a seemingly long time the “Christian” world seemed to have the edge. The Paulites maintained superior weapons and pretty much walked all over the Muhammadans, but then after the last big war things changed.

It was then that the civilized world decided to boot an entire population of heathens out of a territory that had been disputed since the dawn of recorded history to create the modern state of Israel. A whole bunch of people got pissed about this, seeing as how it was the Muhammadans who had last conquered the area and they thought they should retain title.

The cold war came upon us in the years subsequent to this momentous event, which pitted two nuclear-armed super powers against each other in yet another Conquête du Monde. After a period of time the Soviet Union ceased to be a player in this game, but not before they had supplied arms to everyone in the middle east to whom the United States had not already armed.

The ideological wars had reached a new scale. Christofascism and Islamofascism each grew more intent upon conquering and subduing the other side, in the name of Christ… or Muhammad… or whomever. But now the Islamists were almost as well armed as their adversaries.

What is it that each of the warring sides wants? What is the point in one side dominating the other? A better question might be from whence this desire originates? Simple answer… the desire of one individual to wield power over another. Simple authoritarianism. It is people who want to be able to tell others how they must live in order to satisfy that individual’s particular version of how it ought to be without regard to individual liberty.

This is a long story to get to a simple point…

How in the hell is it that this country… the nation that all the politicians and pundits claim to be the “Home of the Free…” how in the hell is it that we are currently witnessing large segments of our population enthralled by and marching in figurative lockstep with the likes of Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry and the current religious wingnut survivor in the Republican clown car race… Rich Santorum?

Each of these individuals are modern day christofascists, and each has stood upon a podium and pointedly told us exactly how they plan to force a personal version of what some mythical sky daddy has told them in dreams that he wants… regardless and in spite of principles that are the very foundation of this nation?

How exactly is this happening?


TRIVIA: The word Islam originates with the Arabic SALAAM, which translated to English means SURRENDER or SUBMISSION. It shares kinship with the common Hebrew greeting, SHALOM, which evokes the same translation.

A translation of the term Muslim is ONE WHO MAKES PEACE.